Debate Nammalariyanam

Pesticides Sow Death In Kerala?

Two farmers in Thiruvalla died after they felt uneasy while spraying pesticides in the fields. This particular incident came as a shock to us. We are familiar with the fact that the vegetables and other products reaching the state from other states are produced using highly poisonous fertilisers and pesticides. But we never expected the same to take place in our state. We must take up the issue seriously because we were already doing our best to propagate organic farming despite which this unfortunate incident occurred. Meanwhile, the forensic surgeon has informed that the death of one of the persons is due to poison intake which could be considered as a suicide. But we should take the death of the other person more seriously. If by just inhaling the pesticide one could die, then what will happen to the ones who eat the products made with such deadly pesticides? It's high time we all should take a step. Nammalariyanam. 

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