Debate Nammalariyanam

Why Did The Plastic Manufacturing Catch Fire? Nammalariyanam

It was almost around this time, last day, that the news of fire break in a plastic factory godown at Thiruvananthapuram's Manvila was reported. No loss of lives and the preliminary investigation reports suggest short circuit as the reason. In the hours that followed this braking news turned into a simple news of fire break. The fire force was able to completely extinguish the fire only after 15 hours. Though they managed to restrict the fire from spreading, they remained helpless as the fire remained unextinguished. Fire can start at any place, at any time. It might be small or large, but is your establishment ready to fight the fire? How far are we making necessary arrangements for fire and safety? When would we completely ensure that our offices, its godowns and the employees here are safe? Nammalariyanam.