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Is Party Protecting Kamaruddin?

The financial scam of Rs 150 crore involving MC Kamaruddin MLA has come to light. Kamaruddin and his associates swindled the money collected from people for starting a jewellery. This is the first time in the history of Kerala that such a big scam has taken place under the leadership of an MLA. Police raided the MLA's house. But, the Muslim League wasn't ready to denounce its MLA. It is heard that around 800 people have fallen victim to the investment scam. But the complaints are only a handful. Most of the victims of the fraud are League activists and sympathisers. That might be the reason for less number of complaints. The League is not just a party, but also a representation. The scam by Kamaruddin proves that the party is arming itself with the same feature of representation. Why does the party leadership protect a person who is accused in front of people? Super Prime Time discusses with TV Rajesh, NP Chekkutty, Balakrishnan Periya, Advocate C Shukkur and Jamal Parambath.