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Sangh Parivar To Make Sabarimala A Big Poll Issue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Communists, Congress and League are playing a dangerous game in Sabarimala issue. BJP will not let they destroy our culture, said Modi while addressing an election rally in Tamil Nadu. "If you are voting for Congress, DMK and League, it is like you are letting the terrorists free. it is like you are electing the criminals in politics", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He attended two rallies at Theni and Ramanathapuram. The Sangh Parivar has decided to make Sabarimala, a big election issue in the state, after the Prime Minister' speech in Kozhikode yesterday. They have directed to concentrate on Sabarimala issue on the last day of campaigning. They have intensified the campaigning under the aegis of Sabarimala Karma Samithi. Sabarimala Karma Samithi organised a Secretariat March urging the voters to defeat Left front in the upcoming elections. Swami Chithananthapuri said while inaugurating the march that it is time to help those who stood with the believers during the Sabarimala protests. The march was organised to strengthen the Sabarimala issue in election campaigns. Sangh Parivar To Make Sabarimala A Big Poll Issue. Super Prime Time discusses with B Gopalakrishnan, AA Rahim and Sunny M Kapikkad.