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CDRs Of Covid Patients: Will Police Leak The Information?

There was strong opposition when the main responsibility for COVID defense activities was handed over to the police and it was complained that the move would demoralise health workers. Now the police have ordered to collect phone call records of COVID 19 patients to prepare the contact list. But the criticism is that this is an intrusion to the privacy and violation of human rights according to the constitution and law. The Chief Minister said that the information collected by police will not be leaked. The Opposition Leader said that the police collecting CDRs in addition to the information that Sprinklr was collecting is a violation of human rights. Is police treating the COVID 19 patient like a criminal? Will they leak the collected information? Super Prime Time discusses with KK Ragesh MP, Jyothikumar Chamakkala, Sandeep Warrier, and Adv MR Abhilash.