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Who Played With Crores?

It was not political opponents but Biju Ramesh who destroyed a seasoned politician like KM Mani. It was a revelation made by Biju Ramesh that destroyed the image of KM Mani. Later, political Kerala witnessed things it had never seen before. After a long gap, Biju Ramesh is back with some new revelations today. Biju said there is nothing new. But we have seen a new political change recently. Jose K Mani joined hands with LDF with the legacy of KM Mani. Biju Ramesh once again reminds Kerala of the peculiarities of that heritage. Note Counting Machine. Crores of rupees to lure anyone. Therefore, Biju Ramesh points out that Jose is coming as a note party, not an alliance party of the Left Front. Who all played with crores? Super Prime Time discusses with Biju Ramesh, Jyothikumar Chamakkala, George Podipara, and Saji Manjakadambil.