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Government Governor Confrontation On A New Level

The editorial of CPI mouthpiece Janayugom hits out at Governor Arif Mohammad Khan with a title that says 'does Arif deserve the prestigious position'. Isn't it a sharp criticism? The rift between the state government and the governor is on a new level. The government once again requested the governor for permission to convene a special assembly session on December 31 to discuss the farmers issue. Minster AK Balan and Minister VS Sunil Kumar met Governor with this request. Though the ministers had said that the governor responded positively, it is not yet sure whether they can convene the assembly session on December 31. Is the government-governor confrontation turning out to be worse than what was seen during the citizenship amendment? Super Prime Time discusses with VS Sunil Kumar, BRM Shafeer, PR Sivasankar, and SK Sajeesh.