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Who Are Eliminating Students Like Fathima Latheef?

The family of Kollam-native Fathima Latheef, a first-year Integrated MA student of IIT-Madras who took her own life last week, filed a complaint with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu demanding a fair probe into the mysterious death of the student. Until now, the Tamil Nadu police considered the case as insignificant for it was a death of a very intelligent, mentally stressed student. Will they now try sincerely to find the truth behind the death? In her note, Fathima accused Sudarshan Padmanabhan, a faculty member of her department in the IIT, for her death. Are teachers in prestigious institutions involved in increasing mental stress of even brilliant students? Who are eliminating Fathimas? Super Prime Time discusses with father of the deceased student Abdul Latheef, Shine Dev, M Shajarkhan and CR Neelakandan. 

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