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Let Parties Without Sin Of Bogus Voting throw Stones At Booked Voters

Remember the slogan Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala Teeka Ram Meena said in his LS polls campaign advertisement? 'Get ready to cast your vote, be proud to be a voter'. Surprisingly, there was a hike in the voter turnout recorded this year, all thanks to the CEO for his campaigns through hoardings and posters with his picture on it installed by spending lakhs of rupees we paid as tax. Anyway, a few voters got really inspired with the CEO's campaign that they might have cast one or two extra votes; but what's the point in accusing them for casting bogus votes? Did the CEO cast his vote? He didn't, instead, he insulted the CPM and the IUML who tried to protect democracy. Let any party among you which is without sin, throw stones at those voters who are booked for bogus voting. Amen. Dhim Tarikida Thom, Episode: 323.