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Hartal Madness!

And, we announced the fifth hartal on the Sabarimala issue yesterday. Hartal is the easiest form of agitation. The only thing id that one should be shameless about announcing the hartal; the rest would be taken care of by the people. They would live it up at home with choicest food and the hartal would surely be a success. To add colour to the agitation, the shops and vehicles of a few would be smashed. The Congress-led UDF is smarter; they called a Black Day protest and showed their prowess. They should be commended for realizing that for the poor who cannot work on that day, hartal would surely be a black day. To all who refuse to change this anti-people form of protest, we have only this to say: God would teach you a lesson! Dhim Tarikida Thom, Episode: 306