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Female American Hard-Hearts On Death Row

They killed their own children, lovers, neighbours and strangers; they dismembered victims and buried people alive. Since the beginning of last century, only 54 women have been executed in the US. Of the 51 women on death row, California has the most - 22. Texas has six, Alabama has five, Florida and Arizona have three each and Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee each have one. Lisa Montgomery murdered pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett before delivering and kidnapping Stinnett’s unborn baby. Devil worshipper Christa Pike was arrested on her 18th birthday for the torture murder of a fellow college girl from which she kept a grisly trophy, a piece of the victim’s skull in her jacket pocket. Cheerleader and girl scout, Tiffany Col, now 36, played the flute in the school band and had not spent a night behind bars before her arrest for burying alive a middle-aged couple. Lisa Jo Chamberlin murdered, dismembered and stuffed Vernon Hulett, 34 and his girlfriend, Linda Heintzelman, 37, into a freezer. Darlie Routier was 26 and married to Darin with three young sons, Devon, Damon, and Drake in Texas. On June 6, 1996, Darlie made a 911 call to report a break-in and the stabbing of sons Devon, 6, and Damon, 5, and the slashing of her throat by an invader. Paramedics found Devon already dead; and Damon stabbed in the back and still gasping for breath, died soon afterwards. Police later revealed that she was deep in debt, unable to afford her materialistic lifestyle and her sons interfered with her comfort; hence the filicide.