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“El Chapo’s” Sancho Panza Alex Alleges $100 mn. Bribe To Former Mexican President

Alex Cifuentes Villa, a longtime associate of the Mexican kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, alleged in a Brooklyn federal court that the drug don had delivered a re. 712 crore bribe to the former Mexican President Peña Nieto “through an intermediary” in 2016. Alex used to help his father with cocaine trade at age 10. Then he became friendly with a top aide to the drug lord Pablo Escobar. About a decade ago, he was recovering from pancreatic surgery and saddled with a large debt from his recently murdered older brother. Then in his 40s, and in need of quick money he was hired as a personal assistant to an old business associate: El Chapo. For the next six years Alex arranged the don’s schedule, managed drug deals, bought his weapons, eliminated his enemies and even took part in a vanity movie project. But in last four days as a witness for the prosecution at his drug trial in New York, he betrayed his former boss. In the end, Alex confessed to having enjoyed a ‘good life’ in his 40-year criminal career, blowing ill-gotten gains on cars and girlfriends.