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Woman Reaches Sabarimala Due To Her Husband's Force And Threat

Pamba: The woman who reached Pamba for pilgrimage has given the statement that she was forced and threatened by her husband to come to Sabarimala. The husband had constantly demanded to go to Sabarimala for the Chithira Atta Vishesham along with his wife and children. Cherthala native Anju has given the statement thatshe was forced to come to Sabarimala and that she did not wish to go to Sannidhanam to visit the shrine. Her eyes were filled with tears as she shared this statement with the police. Even now her husband Bijith is adamant on taking his wife and children to Sannidhanam. Though police are trying hard to make Bijith understand the problems at Sannidhanam, he hesitates to listen.