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Pammu Scores With ‘Thulli,’ A Short On Water Conservation

Mehrin ‘Pammu’ Shebir, 4th standard student of Sreenarayana Public School, Chengottukonam, was distressed by the sight of a road-side water tap, leaking the precious liquid. Wiser beyond her years, she resolved to make a short film on the subject, which was supported by her family friends, Kumar Dubai and Suresh Punnasseril, who produced it. The story line of ‘Thulli’ is quite linear, with a school girl skittishly leaping over the tiny tickle on the ground, a care-worn old man striding by, a male student wetting his fingers in the water-leak and running it through his hair before taking a selfie, a tippler getting down from an auto to dilute his drink, an environmental group brandishing a banner to preserve soil and water blissfully unaware of the waste, and uncaring assorted passers-by. The 2.48 min. video ends with a man with a white cane, whose senses are more aware of the world around him than those blessed with sight, firmly closing the tap. Credits: script: Rizwan, camera: Afnan Refi, music: Smitha Antony, editing: Hari Prasad