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Meghan Delivers First Mixed Race Baby In White British Monarchy

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, gave birth to a boy, the seventh-in-line to the throne and described by his proud father as “absolutely to die for”. The baby, who has not yet been named, was born in the early hours of the morning, weighing a healthy 3.26 kg. Meghan Markle, a U S-born former actress, and the baby, the couple’s first child, were both healthy and well, the palace said. “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension but we’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful to all the love and support from everybody out there,” a smiling Harry told reporters in Windsor, west of London where the couple live. In a defining moment for the white monarchy, the baby is the first mixed race baby born into a senior position in British royalty. In a supreme touch of providence, in the visual frame where the beaming father announces the birth, two black horses can be seen in the background.