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A Year After Ockhi, What Did The Victims Get?

Nothing would compensate one's own shelter, wealth, jobs and hopes, which were washed away during Cyclone Ockhi an year ago. Yet the undaunted coastal community joined hands for an unprecedented rescue operation to lift Kerala from mid-August floods before recovering from the cyclone disaster. The fisherfolks expected nothing in return for their service whereas the Army charged hefty amount for their work. Do we give a thought about coastal community only when we are in danger and not when they are? On the first anniversary of Cyclone Ockhi, Njangalkkum Parayanund discusses with Anto Suresh, Vimala, Varghese Lissie, Jack Mandela, Jima Puthiyathura and Rosette Rani. Njangalkkum Parayanund, Episode: 279