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Governor Reads Anti-Centre Statements Prepared By Government

Everyone was wondering whether Governor Arif Mohammed Khan would read the anti-centre statements added in the policy speech prepared by the government. There are incidents in the history where governors were compelled to read the anti-centre statements in the Assembly. But, some have skipped such paragraphs from reading in the Assembly. Whether Governor reads or not, the speech approved by the Cabinet will be documented in the House. However, this policy announcement in the budget session became so crucial because of the notice given by the Opposition to move a resolution to remove the Governor from the post. Since they gave a notice, the Opposition couldn't sit idle but to protest against the Governor in the Assembly. It created dramatic events in the Assembly with slogans, placards and banners. The Opposition also alleged that the face-off between the Governor and the government over CAA was a drama. Anyway, it was not as boring as the last budget presentation in the Assembly. Vakradrishti, Episode: 923