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Kerala Congress (M) Working Chairman: Chairman Of Whom?

Don't you all know the theory that the successor of a party dominated by a political dynasty will always be chosen from the same family? Who doesn't! Apparently, the leaders in Kerala Congress (M), who are fighting with each other over the selection of a  new chairman, are not aware of this political theory of hierarchy. Believe it or not, they have no clue about the system and that is why the KC(M) district presidents met son of their late chairman, Jose K Mani and requested him to assume the office, post the demise of his father KM Mani. The absence of a chairman is understandable but what about the working chairman, who is alive and kicking? A faction of leaders strongly recommended to make Jose K Mani as the party chairman and CF Thomas as the parliamentary party leader. PJ Joseph's faction questioned the rationale behind such a decision. Well, looks like a storm is brewing inside the party. Vakradrishti, Episode: 774.