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When Will The Lack Of Leadership In Congress Be Resolved?

It's been a long time since the leadership crisis in Congress began. But the party is full of leaders. So, the issue can't be solved easily and no one will be satisfied with the single president and secretary formula. That's how Congress brought the jumbo list. But the High Command is on the move to simplify the list. The six vice presidents are to be reduced to five. It is no wonder that the jumbo list was prepared after considering all the reservations for people based on caste, religion, group, old age, middle age, youth, KSU and women. In the meantime, KV Thomas is wandering in front of the High Command to book his berth, either as UDF Convener or the working president. KV Thomas is ready to bear the load of any office he would be entrusted with! Vakradrishti, Episode: 919

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