The Mathrubhumi has straddled tradition and technology in successfull assimilating change from 1923 to our digital era. The quantum leap from the age of the letterpress to frontier advances in the media environment has emphasized preserving human values, matching the vision of the founding fathers - K P Kesava Menon, K Madhavan Nair and K Kelappan, who were in the forefront of our freedom struggle. An entire pantheon of Indian socio-political leadership has paid tribute to the epoch-making contribution of Mathrubhumi in the evolution of modern Malayalee society. In commemoration of Mahatmaji’s visit to our premises on January 13, 1934, a yearlong activity Mahatmaji and Mathrubhumi 75 years, was inaugurated by Mr. Raj Mohan Gandhi in Kozhikode on January 13, 2010.

With 10 local editions as well as from Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Dubai, we belong to the exclusive ‘1 Million Club’ of newspapers in terms of circulation. Mathrubhumi Weekly continues to be the crucible nurturing generations of writers. Mathrubhumi Onam Special and Annual feature the best in Malayalam literature. Grihalakshmi, Star & Style, Mathrubhumi Thozhilvartha, Mathrubhumi Sportsmasika, Balabhumi, Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika, Mathrubhumi Year Book, Mathrubhumi Yathra, and Minnaminni, address segmented markets. We also publish Mathrubhumi Calendar, Almanac, and supplements on Sabarimala, Ramzan and Christmas.

The annual Mathrubhumi Film Award function is a spectacular event, both on the ground and telecast to Malayalees worldwide. Club FM 94.3, our radio brand has captured the auditory imagination of Keralites, particularly twenteens. Mathrubhumi News, the first fully HD 24X7 channel in Kerala, aims to professionally achieve a paradigm shift in the visual packaging of news and views. Kappa, our specialty channel addresses the need of Keralites and the wider Malayalee diaspora thirsting for an ethnic mélange. With pulsating music, riotous humour, film review and intimate interviews, all tightly-edited, it has ignited the imagination of the young crowd, within months of launch, thus validating our rationale. There also existed a need to provide content, which the viewer could relate to without losing sleep over what was missed. The content-mix mantra is to ensure that the entertainment needs of our target group are met. This spurred our drive for a youth channel, thus creating a new category in Kerala’s TV Market.

The company entered the world of television and telecasting with a significant production house, MBTV (Mathrubhumi Television), which has been producing Serials and Telefilms of the highest quality. Taking a step into the world of broadcasting, the group has launched FM stations in four major districts of Kerala, namely Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kannur. Apart from this Mathrubhumi has brought a video blog named YUVOG. The YUVOG stands for Your Video Blog where the users themselves can upload their videos.

We envisioned Student Empowerment for Environmental Development {SEED} out of a corporate concern for our imperiled mother planet, and to impart environmental consciousness to the next generation by sensitizing students in 8,000 schools to the green inheritance of our blue planet. Grihlakshmi Vedi and Mathrubhumi Study Circle render yeoman service through manifold social interventions. Thus, we still carry the flame by setting the agenda in Kerala.